Deal Sourcing

Finding and developing potential investment opportunities is a long and arduous journey that requires a lot of skills and experience. Let us accompany you on that journey.



A clear strategy and overall plan helps real estate businesses to orient their development, identify opportunities and risks, and make effective business decisions.

Our strategy is to target the well-located properties within walking distance to growing universities that fit within the company’s proprietary buying model. In particular, the company will emphasize value-added opportunities, targeting well-located properties that can be upgraded from extensive renovations with a more contemporary look and feel.

The key will be to make cost-effective improvements that students could potentially be willing to pay a higher premium for; helping to raise rents, grow income and appreciate property value.


Our expertise in underwriting, construction, and asset management allows us to turn underperforming properties into top-performing assets; delivering a highly profitable investments poised to perform over the long term.

Our asset management team consists of highly qualified professionals. Our expertise includes: